Fantasy Music Festival Poster. Soul Fest 07.

Fantasy Music Festival : SoulFest 07 (When Love Comes to Town)

Fantasy Music Festival Poster for my Dream Soul line up, featuring the legendary OTIS REDDING, AL GREEN, ARETHA FRANKLIN, JAMES BROWN & OC SMITH

This Fantasy Music Festival Poster Idea was created sometime in 2007 as one of a series of example posters for the Fantasy Festivals website project. I still think this one is just about my ultimate Soul Music line-up, of course there are plenty of other artists and bands that could and should be there, but you can’t have them all. Anyway, can you imagine seeing this festival on the beach at Compton Bay on the Isle of Wight? The design uses a mix of vectors from designfruit and foliage vectors that I made from my own photographs. These are all overlayed on top of one of my original floral photos in photoshop, and finally all tied together with a lovely warm colour pallet.

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Fantasy Music Festival