About the Fantasy Festival project.

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A brief history of the Fantasy Festival idea…

Imagine curating your own music festival. You book the bands, your favourite bands, creating the ultimate line-up. Choose from the best bands of all time, its a FANTASY festival, if you wan’t Jimi Hendrix headlining your festival, then you got Jimi Hendrix headlining your festival! Next choose the venue and design the festival posters. Sell as many tickets as you can using all your social networks and contacts. But do it quick, its a race against time and the most popular festival wins. With great prizes for the winners including the opportunity to actually host your own REAL festival. Thats what Fantasy Festivals is all about.

Fantasy Festival PosterWell, that’s what Fantasy Festivals WAS all about. The idea was first brought to life in 2006 by Fire Island. A group of like-minded people from the Isle of Wight who just happened to love music festivals and building websites.  They came together with the dream of building the ultimate music-based social network. Many late nights were had sketching out the way it would all work. Plans were made. Prototypes were built. Ruby-onRails servers were configured. Confidentiality agreements were signed. Investors were approached. A company was formed, shares were issued.

And for a while they lived the dream and built an amazing website called fantasyfestivals.com. The initial beta test site hosted 500 amazing festivals with thousands more people attending them. A launch party was had, and it looked to be a huge success, everyone loved it. It was going to change the way people interacted online, a new kind of social network, doing all the things that the monster of the time (Myspace) didn’t.

But those dreams never quite came to pass. The applications couldn’t scale. The online interactive festival poster maker became a money drain and never quite lived up to what was imagined by the creative team. Dedicated server hosting and bandwidth costs kept adding up, and with no investors secured, became a burden. And slowly but surely, the early movers who had signed up for this dream, also began to join the other new kid on the block in social networking circles. Some unknown entity called Facebook, that was growing really fast in America and proving strangely compelling for those that joined.

So that was it, the party was over, the campfire had been put out. Fire Island and Fantasy Festivals were no more. Despite it being a genius idea, the team were never able to fan the flames in quite the way they had imagined, and the Fantasy Festival dreams remain unfulfilled.

But they had some fun trying, and everyone learnt a thing or two along the way, and of course it’s better to have tried and failed than to have spent a lifetime wondering ‘what if’…

The team have all gone their separate ways now, but some are still making their living online. So if you are in the need of some creative & stylish photography, or maybe some effective & affordable Isle of Wight Web Design. Then you might want to get in touch with the good people at Wight Pixels who’ll be happy to help you out with that.


Screengrabs from the Fantasy Festival website

Here’s a few screenshots of the fantasyfestivals.com website as it looked back ints heyday!

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  1. Wow. I was looking for some design ideas for my Crawfish Festival in Texas, when I ran across your site. I loved reading your story. I believe if you were to try it now, with sooo much social media available it would succeed. YOU GUYS WERE JUST AHEAD OF YOUR TIME.. I would imagine with ya’lls creativity and passion that you guys are all successful entreprenuers now. Thanks for the story and good luck. crawfishfestivalnewbraunfels.com…………Ben

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